Targeting Your Audience

It is hard to attract certain audiences in the current market. The wide variety of distributing media productions add new mediums almost daily. Internet, games and mobile outlets didn’t exist until recently and many people are still catching on to how to implement these new medias.

Some audiences are specified to one media outlet. They may prefer to watch television or play videos games or surf the web or browse their social media sites on their phones. There are so many ways to reach people, it is hard to determine what is the most effective.

Commercial broadcasters sell audiences to advertisers. The price can be extremely expensive depending on how many people are viewing the broadcast. During the Superbowl, Fox can charge anywhere between 5 million and 5.5 million dollars for a thirty second ad. That is insane for thirty seconds. On a national television station, a day other than the super bowl, your commercial will cost about six-figures. Although, that is quite expensive, it is not a million dollars. If you just want any old commercial ad out at 2:00 AM, the cost can be as cheap as $25. However, there will not be many viewers.

In order to get people to watch your media, you need a specific audience. Once you have your specific audience, you will be able to target them more directly.

Say you are trying to get a movie out and want people to go to the movies to see it. You have to figure out which age range would be interested in the movie. The same goes for gender, religion, culture, income and language. Demographics are important in gathering your audience.

You wouldn’t want your commercial airing somewhere where no one would care. That is money wasted. Research is one of the most important parts of advertising your media.


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